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Model: AP012
These aprons are great for gifts, and to use your self, personalised with your photo and/or message printed on the front.Sizes availablePre-School Child - Apron size 36cm wide x 45cm long Child - Apron size 50cm wide x 60cm long Small/ Medium Adult - Apron size 50cm wide x 70cm long L..
Ex Tax:£7.99
Model: FL01
Personalise these  Flip Flops with your name and/or message. These  flip flops are made of a black rubber base with a polyester upper fabric.Sizes:Adult Large Size 10 -12 Adult Medium Size 7 - 9 Adult Small Size 4 - 6 Child Sizes are approximate: Child Size Large (approx size 2) ..
Ex Tax:£11.99
Model: NE09
Personalise this Neck Scarf with your name and/or message.High quality white Neck Scarf / Shawl, printable on both sides. 100% Polyester specially for textile printing.Overall length is 144cm and is 16cm wide with an attractive fan effect at both ends. Weighing just over 40g this is a lovely..
Ex Tax:£12.99
Model: TIE01
Personalise this Sunscreen with your name and/or message.White Polyester Tie with a diagonal stitching effect. These sublimation ties are available in a white polyester material and measure approx 1460mm in length and a max 90mm wide. Overall thickness is approx 3mm...
Ex Tax:£9.99
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