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Model: PH01
These Acrylic photo blocks are fun and compact with the contemporary Acrylic style. Acrylic Photo Blocks show your favorite photo wherever you are - for your desk, mantelpiece, fireplace or windowsill - suitable anywhere they are the new paperweight that will give you so many smiles! Freestanding th..
Ex Tax:£12.99
Model: Ca01
Personalise your own car window badge, These car window hanging signs are 15cm square with rounded corners. They are supplied with a small hole in one of the corners so they hang in a diamond shape...
Ex Tax:£5.99
Model: MN01
Personalise this Money Box  with your name and/or message.These money boxes are made from ceramic, are bright white. They measure about the same as a standard mug (approx 90mm tall by 80mm in diameter) and have a slot in the top and a bung in the bottom to remove the money. ..
Ex Tax:£7.99
Model: ST01
Personalise this Christmas stocking with your name and/or message. Get ready for Christmas with these printable Christmas stockings. Overall measurements are 280mm wide (max) and 500mm deep. The red piping gives them a distinctive Christmas feel and they have a small red loop of material at the top ..
Ex Tax:£8.99
Model: CL01
Personalise this Clock with your name and/or message. These clocks are made with 0.5mm white aluminium sublimation metal, come with rounded corners and a hole in the centre to take the clock mechanism.The clock mechanism fits through the centre hole to make up the clock and this will hang on a wall ..
Ex Tax:£12.99
Model: DE09
Personalise this Devilish Bear with your name and/or message.Our larger Devilish Teddy Bear - Is he a Naughty or Saucy Bear - you decide!Our Devilish Bear measures 25cm tall from the sitting position and comes complete with a white printable t-shirt for personalisation. The black cape is fix..
Ex Tax:£11.99
Model: DD01
Personalise this Door Hangers with your name and/or message.The white high gloss plastic (FRP) door hangers are printable on both sides to give a choice of moods or messages. The hanger will fit over a door knob or a hanger on the door/wall.Size 100mm x 230mm...
Ex Tax:£6.99
Model: FR01
Personalise this Frisbee with your name and/or message. These Frisbees are 190mm in diameter, have a white stitched border and a thin white polyester printable face.They fold neatly in your pocket or small pouch supplied and spring back to shape for when required. Great fun!..
Ex Tax:£5.99
Model: CGL02
Personalise this Glass Clock with your name and/or message. They produce a lovely glossy finish and offer a more contemporary finish. Available in 29cm or 18cm   ..
Ex Tax:£17.99
Model: PF09
Personalise this Glass Photo Frame with your name and/or message.Glass Photo Frame 23cm x 18cm.These new photo frames are approx 3mm thick and have a chamfered edge. From the image you will see there are two stripes of mirror finish to give a particularly attractive style to any photo..
Ex Tax:£12.99
Model: GL03
Personalise this Glass Worktop Savers/ Placemat with your name and/or message.size is 195mm x 265mm..
Ex Tax:£13.99
Model: GK01
Personalise this Golf Divot Key Tag with your name and/or message. Golf Divot Key Tag with Circular Printable Insert.    This golfing accessory is made of pewter and measures approx 32mm x 76mm..
Ex Tax:£7.99
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