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Model: LH023
Personalise this Love Heart Jigsaw  with your name and/or message.Material:Cardboard Smooth shiny surface size: approx 23.5 cm ( w) & 18cm (h)..
Ex Tax:£20.00
Model: JC01
Personalise this Jigsaw Coaster  with your name and/or message.Coaster made up of 4 jigsaw pieces.These wooden coasters measure 90mm square and are made up of 4 jigsaw pieces. They are printed exactly the same way as the standard coaster but have the added dimension of a small jigsaw!   ..
Ex Tax:£5.99
Model: WJH023
Personalise this Wooden Jigsaw  with your name and/or message.High gloss wooden jigsaws in various sizes and pieces.These jigsaws are made from an environmentally friendly wood source and are manufactured in the UK. The wooden pieces are 3mm thick and topped with a white high gloss film to g..
Ex Tax:£14.00
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